Tablas Island and its Resorts


About Tablas

Tablas Island, with all its resorts, belongs to the province of Romblon in the MIMAROPA region, is a sparsely populated natural tourist destination in the Philippines. Lying at 50km east from the south of Mindoro Island and about 12 near Romblon Island, its geography is that of hills of inland peaks, most of the time untouched by human hands. Locals and visitors alike can enjoy pristine natural views of waterfalls, forests, mountains, and caves; with Tablas being the road far-less travelled – especially when compared to Boracay – there remain a multitude of organic adventures that have yet to be encountered.

Its shores remain one of its best attractions, with its beautifully white beaches and its clear, blue waters. Around it is a fair share of Tablas Island resorts, although not so much that they feel suffocating. There are just enough for people to choose from.

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What Tablas Has to Offer


Enjoy the might of the lands’ waters as it cascades from one point to another – a truly rare yet powerful sight that will leave you breathless. There are many waterfalls in Tablas, some of which are the Mainit Falls, the Dubduban-Bita Falls, and the Mablaran Falls.


What would Tablas be without its beaches? Fine, white sand and turquoise waters await those who would visit it – as well as wide, open spaces that are uninhabited by other people. There’s a sense of peace and tranquility about the place that is simply unmatched by other public beaches where tourists crown the area and loud noises are common.


Because Tablas is such an untouched place, wildlife abounds within its borders. A wide variety of both flora and fauna can be seen all around; there are even species endemic to the island itself. The Tablas Fantail, the Tablas Drongo, and the Tablas Bulbul are only some of the many species that can be found there. In addition, its waters are not to be outdone – a spectrum of tropical fish – some of which you can even swim with when diving – are also available for viewing. Other creatures such as manatees, sea turtles, and dolphins are also around for you to enjoy!

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Other Places of Interest

Looc Town

A local town that is much more than meets the eye, Looc Town is a place filled with cheerful and friendly people who are always ready to welcome you to their tropical haven. Only a 30 minute boat ride away, it’s a place that’s filled to the brim with things to see and do. Visit its fish sanctuary, its clam gardens, or even its waterfalls – the Lumbia and Garing, as well as its caves that are open for exploration.

Outdoor enthusiasts will be glad to know that a variety of supplies and materials are available within the town proper too, making it a top spot for adventuring out in the open.

Santa Fe Town

A town named after a strikingly beautiful village girl who was purported to have once lived there, the town of Santa Fe is definitely one for the itinerary. Its picturesque beaches and variety of fauna make it a lovely place to go sightseeing. In addition, there are also a lot of places to eat – sample some of the Philippines’ best seafood today!

One Tree Hill

Hike to one of the most recognizable spots in the island – One Tree Hill. Named as it is seen, the landmark is characterized by a tall, lone tree that grows on a hill. All it takes to reach this destination is a quick stroll from the beachside which will then take you into rice fields. After that, it’s only a matter of time before you reach it!

So what are you waiting for? Visit Tablas Island today and enjoy one of the Philippines’ best tourist destinations for nature-lovers and beach goers alike!