Camping Vs Glamping: Which is the Best Option?


As glamping continues to rise in popularity, more and more people are starting to wonder which is better: camping or glamping? There is a distinct difference between these two and to truly know which is the better option, one must learn their meanings, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each outdoor activity.


What is Camping?

Camping is an outdoor activity that allows you to immerse yourself in nature. Usually, this entails spending a night or a few days in a remote area where you can bask in the beauty of your surroundings. This activity often involves tents, sleeping bags, and campfire supplies since you’ll have to build a fire in order to cook your food.

What is Glamping?

Luxury camping, or glamping, allows you to connect with nature as well. However, unlike the former, the latter doesn’t involve sleeping on the ground or cooking your food over a fire. Instead, you’ll be sleeping in a bed inside a bigger tent, a yurt, a hut, or a treehouse and food will be provided to you by the glamping resort. This means that you can comfortably marvel at the exquisiteness of nature without any trouble.

What are the Advantages of Camping?

After learning how to differentiate the two, it’s time for you to know the pros and cons of each activity, starting with camping. Below are the advantages of this outdoor activity:

Detach Yourself from Technology

Today’s generation is becoming more and more dependent on technology. Instead of doing things manually, most people relay on their phones and other electronic devices to get things done. Even communication and socialization is now taking place online. And while this can be very helpful – especially since everything seems fast-paced today – it can be disconcerting too. By spending a large amount of time just looking at your gadget, you forget to appreciate the small things like that tall, strong tree or those gorgeous flowers in your garden. Camping allows you to live a life without the distractions of technology as you will be staying in a tent in the middle of a remote place. There is no electricity; you’ll have to make use of flashlights and battery-operated devices. This will inspire you to focus your attention on your surroundings, wander around, and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Change of Pace

As mentioned above, camping entails staying inside a tent, sleeping in an air mattress or sleeping bag, and cooking food over a fire. Admittedly, camping is not very comfortable, especially considering the part where you sleep in the ground. However, if you try to look beyond it, you might learn a valuable lesson or two. People tend to disregard certain things that they use every day, especially if they didn’t have to work hard to get them. Going without these items help people appreciate the true value of these things. So in the end, you might probably benefit from the challenges that camping brings too.

What are the Disadvantages of Camping?

Although camping has its benefits, it also has some disadvantages. Below are some of them:

Scarcity of Food and Water

Sure, you can bring food and water with you when you go camping. However, there is a chance that your supply will run out and you’ll have to pack up and go or risk going without food for some time. Also, in most instances, you’ll bring enough water to drink and probably wash your teeth only. This means that you’ll probably have to skip showering while you’re still in the wilderness. You also have to consider the amount of ice in your cooler; if you don’t bring enough, you might end up with spoiled food and you’ll have to drive back to the city earlier than expected.

Insects and Wild Animals

Two of the things that you should watch out for if you go camping are insects and wild animals. If you’re not careful, wild animals might wander to your camp, attracted to the scent of your food. They might scavenge for something to eat and end up ruining your belongings. Uncovered foods that are lying around might also attract insects like ants and cockroaches.

What are the Advantages of Glamping?

After learning the pros and cons of camping, it’s time for you to understand the advantages of glamping. Check them below:

Fully Prepared Tent

Glamping is much more luxurious than camping. When you arrive in the glamping site, a fully furnished tent, yurt, or treehouse awaits you. This means that your dwelling for the next few days – which often contains a comfortable bed and restroom – is already ready. This allows you to truly relax and focus on your main concern – to immerse yourself in nature and appreciate the gift that it has to offer.

Availability of Food and Water

When you go luxury camping, you don’t have to worry about food and water. These basic necessities are already taken care of by the glamping resort where you’re staying. This is very advantageous because it allows you to focus on other more important matters instead of sitting around, wondering what you’re going to eat minutes after disposing your rotten supply of food. You can use the time that you would have used planning how or where to get water to wander around the forest surrounding your temporary home or diving into the water to discover the wonders of the sea.

Plenty of Activities to Do

When you go camping, your options for a fun day are pretty limited. There’s only so much you can do with so little resources. However, that is not the case when you go glamping. Most luxury camping resorts offer various activities that will not only make their guests’ stay more exciting, but more fruitful as well. These activities – like snorkeling and biking, for instance – allows individuals to appreciate nature and its exquisiteness through a fun way. Examples of these resorts can be found in the Philippines. Luxury camping resorts in this lovely tropical country provides guests with numerous entertainment prospects to ensure that they will get the best of their glamping trip.

What are the Disadvantages of Glamping?

With fully furnished and high quality accommodation, an abundant supply of food and water, and numerous activities that you can do, luxury camping doesn’t really have any disadvantages. It takes a classic outdoor activity and enhances it to improve people’s experience. In this regard, glamping is the upgraded version of camping!

In the end, these two outdoor activities – camping and glamping – are very similar to each other. Both activities allow you to fully immerse yourself in nature and the wonders that it offers. However, there is no doubt that the superior option is still luxury camping. Glamping enhances your camping experience, turning a simple memorable experience into an unforgettable and exciting event in your life.

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