Around Tablas Island

Tablas is the largest of the islands that comprise the province of Romblon in the Philippines. The name of the island was of Spanish origin. Before the colonization of the Philippines, Tablas was known as the Island of Osigan.

At the time of contact with Westerners, Osigan had a population of two hundred and fifty people living in small villages. Odiongan, on the west central coast of the island, is a major port and the largest municipality of Romblon in terms of population. Tablas is administratively subdivided into the municipalities of Alcantara, Calatrava, Ferrol, Looc, Odiongan, San Agustin, San Andres, Santa Fe, and Santa Maria.

Tropical Tablas has retained its original character. The wildlife and landscape appears untouched as deep-green vegetation is crossed by rivers and streams, which supplants the wide variety of outdoor activities that it offers. Visitors can also explore the island, taking in the picturesque views of its caves, waterfalls, and vistas. Natural pathways and paved roads alike lead to some of most beautiful spots in the Philippines. Best of all, because Tablas is secluded, the experience is very nearly private in nature.

To Looc Town Day Trip

Looc town, a nearby local community filled with friendly and cheerful people, is truly worth a visit. Its name was derived from the local word for “bay” as the town is situated inside one.

Only a half an hour boat ride away, Looc town is more than just your ordinary run-of-the-mill place. In fact, it’s filled with things to see and do! First and foremost, why not take a gander at its fish sanctuary, where a rich collection of marine animals reside? On the other hand, you can also visit their clam gardens, filled with clams of all shapes and kinds. For those who prefer other sights, the Lumbia and Garing Waterfalls are also available for viewing a mere 30 minutes away. A bit closer, about 10 minutes out, are also caves for trekking and exploring in.

To Santa Fe Town

Sta Fe, named after a beautiful village girl who was loved and revered by the people for her beauty and character, is a town home to picturesque beaches and a wide variety of birds. View the beauty of nearby islands like Carbao and Boracay in all their glory and sample a multitude of seafood in one of the many restaurants – some floating - available in the area.

To Sante Fe Fish Sanctuary

St. Fe is also home to many rare species of fish and clams. So much so that the area is to be declared a sanctuary! Located at the bay of the town, it’s a lovely spot to engage in fish feeding and snorkelling.

Hiking to One Tree Hill

Tablas Point calls this hill "the One Tree Hill" because the lone tree on its top that has grown in isolation for years. To reach the top, it all begins with a beachside walk, which will then turn into a stroll by pretty rice fields. After that, a quick 15 minute climb will grant you access to the top and, consequently, the view of Agmanic’s environment. Truly a sight worth seeing.