How to Nail a Glamping Trip

Summer is the best time to go out and explore the outdoors. The intense heat can be stifling, making it uncomfortable to stay indoors. As a result, plenty of Filipinos choose to go on excursions that will not only allow them reprieve from the suffocating heat, but opportunity to explore the beauty of nature as well. One of these activities is glamorous camping or glamping. In the Philippines, plenty of people go glamping during the summer, visiting magnificent places where they can relax and be one with nature.

If you are one of the numerous people who will be going on a glamping trip this summer and you want to make the experience to be more memorable, follow these tips!

Choose the Perfect Spot for your Glamping Trip

When preparing a glamping trip, the most important thing to consider is the location. Since the country is full of wonderful sights, choosing a magnificent site for glamping is not that difficult. What might be challenging for you, is choosing a place that is not only breathtaking but full of numerous activities that you can try as well. One of these places is Tablas Point Beach Resort. As one of the most popular glamping spots in the Philippines, Tablas is a picturesque venue that offers fun activities such as mermaid swimming, snorkeling, games, motorbike hiking, and other recreational activities. 

Pack Only the Necessary Things

Packing for a trip is such as struggle, especially if you are one of those people who would bring their whole closet if possible. However, if you are going on a glamping trip – and you want to truly enjoy the experience – you have to learn how to pack only the necessary items. This means packing light clothes such as t-shirts, tank tops, overall shorts, and pants. Skip the more elaborate pieces because they will be uncomfortable during the trip. In addition, don’t forget to bring shoes that are comfy. High heels, new shoes, and other unnecessary footwear are highly discouraged. Instead, bring your sandals, rubber shoes, and slippers. 

Stay Updated While in the Great Outdoors

Even if, originally, your main goal is to unplug from the messy and noisy world, you should still keep yourself updated by checking news portals and social media through your gadget every once in a while. Phone chargers, extra batteries, and internet connection should be on your pre-glamping checklist. This will allow you to know when there are calamities and emergencies within your area that you need to avoid. More than that, this will allow you to share your glamping experience with your numerous friends on social media! 

Don’t Forget to Bring a First Aid Kit

What would you do if you tripped and fell during your glamping trip? Avoid minor wounds and bruises from cutting your trip short by bringing a first aid kit with you. You don’t have to bring so many medications with you. Just bring the essentials so that you can disinfect or treat your injury without needing to visit a doctor. 

Look Good While Roughin’ It

Being one with nature doesn’t mean you should look like Tarzan. Feel free to bring light makeup, face and body moisturizers, scented mosquito repellent sprays, sunblock, and colognes to keep you looking fresh and beautiful during your trip. Aside from helping you look good despite the rough activities you will be engaging in, these items will also help protect you from pesky insects and the negative effects of the sun.

Prepare Fun Activities for the Glamping Session

Before your trip, prepare a list of activities that you wish to do. If you are going with a group of friends, think about organizing a stargazing event or reserve one night where you can all hang out around the campfire. Maybe you can bring some board games and cards so that you can play while lounging around. Be creative when choosing an activity and make sure that everyone will be able to participate in them! 

The perfect glamping trip is possible as long as you plan properly. So if you want to experience an exciting and memorable trip, take note of the tips above and prepare everything in advance! And while you’re vacationing, don’t forget to enjoy every second of it. Happy glamping, beautiful glampers!