How to Keep Beaches Clean and Green

The war for the preservation of the environment rages on. The world’s forests, its arctic regions and the ocean have all been the center of environmental efforts and issues. Awareness for such issues have been increasing these past few years, even hotels and resorts from Tablas Islands all the way to Boracay Island have been implementing certain sustainability programs to do what they can for the environment. Now it’s your turn; you as an individual can also contribute to the efforts being done to care for the environment especially when it comes to the numerous beaches in the country.

Keep an eye on your pets

It’s normal for beach goers to bring their pets on a beach day, and as another person who just wants to enjoy the beauty of the beach the last thing you want to be is a nuisance to other people. Make sure that your pets are not bothering any of the other guests in the beach; leash your pet if it’s too energetic. Also, make sure that any surprise presents your pets leave behind is picked up and disposed of properly.

sunbathing woman

Do more than sunbathe

Usually on a beach day people tend to relax and lie on the sand while accompanied by some food and drinks. However, the more time spent relaxing on the beach, the more food and drinks you end up consuming. This leads to additional needless waste. So, instead of enjoying the day by lounging around, why not try new activities on the beach such as volleyball, banana boating or even surfing? Make the most out of your stay!

Be a responsible citizen

Regardless of the origin of the trash you may end up seeing, pick it up and throw it away yourself. Don’t wait for others to do it for you. That’s because only very few people will take the initiative to do so.

It may seem like a small thing, but if you think about all the people who don’t regularly fix their trash then it accumulates to a considerably sized problem. So, pick up any trash you see. When others observe you doing so, they’ll be inclined to do the same, turning the attitude into, hopefully, the norm.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle

This has been the mantra of environmentalists everywhere, and this has been the base principle used as the core of many environmental efforts and projects. It doesn’t mean that this is an old practice it doesn’t apply anymore; actually going back to these basic practices simplifies what you have to do. Reduce your wastes by not bringing unnecessary items to the beach and use reusable items like water jugs instead of buying water bottles. Finally remember when you dispose of your trash to segregate.

woman volunteering

Volunteer and take initiative

There are also sure to be a lot of beach cleaning programs that you can join. You can donate money to support their efforts or volunteer and provide your own efforts. These programs can easily be found by approaching local officials or going online, you’re sure to find a program nearby you can be active with.

While practicing these different habits can be of help to the environment what is needed is awareness. People should be aware of the importance of the beaches and the real threat that face them. Be sure to share the information you know to your friends and families so more people are dedicated to the cause.