4 Glamping Items You Need

There is a new trend taking over vacationers lists of must do’s: glamping. Glamping’s popularity has been spreading lately from every part of the globe, from America all the way to the Philippines. Luxury camping, another name for glamping, aims to take you into the rugged outdoors but still enjoying the modern luxuries life has to offer. Now you can rough it out without rouging it too much, thanks to social media people have taken an interest in glamping and all it offers. Here’s a list of a few gadgets that will help you get started on your glamping trip.

Ozark Trail 3 Room Cabin Tent

First you’ll need to put a roof over your head, a tent. Instead of settling for an old fashioned tent that you can barely fit in, the Ozark Trail 3 Room Cabin Tent gives you as much space as you need and more. Each room can fit a queen size bed so imagine all that space. You can utilize one room just for sleeping, the other to store your items and the last to do whatever you want. It’s a great option whether you’re alone, a couple or even a group of people there’s enough space for everyone and best part is it takes less than 5 minutes to set up.

Coleman Queen Airbed Cot

Now that you have your tent set up, you have to choose where to rest after a long day of hiking. The Coleman Airbed is not only comfortable but it is easy to setup with its battery powered pump. The airbed comes with a frame that lifts your mattress off of the ground creating extra storage space below your bed and it feels like your bed at home. Its frame also includes side tables on each side to keep your drinks or snacks off of the ground.

Two Bottle Bartender’s Cocktail Travel Bar with Tools

One way to liven up any camping trip is with a few drinks just to relax and loosen up. This travel case has enough space to bring two bottles of your favorite drinks and keeps them strapped and secured. It also comes with some tools like an opener and glasses. It is all encased in a well-built container that even comes with a combination lock. Know that your favorite drink will be safe and secure in this case.

BioLite Wood Burning Camp stove

This hand dandy stove’s most important feature is its thermoelectric generator. The generator draws its power from the heat emitted by the camp fire.  The generator then diverts this energy to the USB port. With this stove you can create enough energy to recharge all your other gadgets like your phone, speaker and so much more.


These are some of the essentials you’ll need to bring to have the full glamping experience. Some of these tools are said to be a luxury but that is the whole point of glamping, to enjoy the great outdoors but still being as comfortable as if you were in a hotel or at home.