DIY Snacks You Can Take To the Beach

If you are taking a vacation in beautiful spots like a Romblon beach resort, you need the following: blanket, your best friends, your family, and of course, food. A beach outing will never be complete without food. You don’t need to make extravagant good; keep things simple. With a little planning, you will be able to provide food for everyone all day without spending money or too much effort. Listed below are some easy-to-make DIY snack ideas:

Food wraps

Tired of the conventional sandwich? Try making food wraps instead! Invest in some tortilla wraps then feel free to add whatever filling you want. For example, you can mix chicken, fresh greens, and dressing in a bowl to make a chicken salad. Spoon generously on the tortilla wrap then roll it up for a pretty and easy-to-carry snack. If you need something to cure your sweet tooth, you can put some chocolate hazelnut spread on the wrap, add sliced fruits then roll up or a sweet yet refreshing treat.

vegetables spread on a sandwich

Sliced Vegetables/Fruits and Dip

This is probably the simplest snack to make. It is easy and extremely customizable so you can do whatever combination you want. For fruit, you can have banana, apples, or mixed berries and have plain yogurt for dip. For vegetables, you can have celery and baby carrots then have plain hummus as dip. You could even add a couple slices of bread and create sandwiches out of them!

Food Skewers

Yes, everything is better on stick because why not, right? The Filipino favorite barbecue on a stick is great but you can spice things up by adding more ingredients. Marinate your pork—or beef or chicken—in your favorite marinade then skewer it with sliced bell pepper, onion, and mushrooms before grilling. Who knew that one stick can be like one complete meal?

Fried Chicken

There is a reason why fried chicken is a childhood favorite: it is crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside and easy to eat. It doesn’t take long to prepare them plus you can bring them if you want to walk around the beach. If you want to spice up your fried chicken, feel free to make them into buffalo chicken or honey chicken. To make the buffalo sauce, combine hot sauce, melted butter, brown sugar, chili flakes and garlic powder. Mix on medium heat until sticky then pour it over your fried chicken. For the honey chicken, combine ketchup, white sugar, honey, and water then mix before adding it to your chicken. This is a nice twist if you and your family are used to fried chicken.

trail mix

Trail mix or cookies

It may be a beach outing but that does not give you the excuse to skip dessert! Trail mix is easy to make. You can add candy, nuts, frozen fruit and your favorite cereal. If trail mix is not your thing, you can have cookies. Unlike cake and brownies, cookies are easier to bring because they don’t have icing or anything sticky on them. You can make your own or buy at your local bakery store.

Remember, you have to adjust to the beach’s conditions. Don’t bring snacks that will melt from the sun’s extreme heat or containers that will let sand in and soil your food for the maximum beach experience.