Cliff Diving 101: What You Need to Know

Being a country that is comprised of more than 7,000 islands ultimately makes the Philippines as one of the best locations to fulfill your wanderlust. As an archipelago, the Philippines is abundantly gifted with rich, clear waters and filled with beautiful beaches, and Romblon beach resorts are one of those.


Island resorts and beaches around the country offer more than swimming – as the list of outdoor activities is endless. Hence, an adventure junkie like you will surely never run out of things to check off on your bucket list.


Apart from the breathtaking views from the mountain top and the pristine beaches, the Philippines is also rich in natural cliff diving spots, which is a perfect place to satisfy your adrenaline and make an unforgettable jump.


Cliff diving is considered as one of the dangerous outdoor activities. However, it still manages to maintain loyal followers, which includes travel junkies and professional cliff divers. Engaging in such an extreme sport is one way to clear your mind from the everyday stress that you experience and lets you energize your body. However, this outdoor activity is not for everyone as this sport requires toughness and perseverance.


We provided a short guide that consists of the essential information you need to know before engaging in cliff diving and the safety precautions when doing this daredevil activity.


Enough Knowledge

Enough Knowledge About Cliff Diving

It is necessary that before engaging in any kind of outdoor activity, you should make time to research the essential information about it. Since cliff diving is an extreme kind of sport, an adequate knowledge of this sport is a must. These pieces of information will help you know how to do the sport properly and know the dos and don’ts of the activity as well. Before making your exceptional jump, here are some of the points you must know.


  • The depth of water – The depth of the water is one of the crucial aspects of cliff diving. Make time to delve into the details of the cliff diving spot you want to try. The higher the height of water, the safer it is. Furthermore, in case that the water is less than 4 meters, it is not safe for cliff diving as there is no enough water to catch you.


Proper Attire

  • Proper cliff diving attire – Proper attire is a must in cliff diving. In case you are jumping for cliffs over 30 feet, wear soft clothes and tennis shoes. On the other hand, for cliffs under 30 feet, an aerodynamic bathing suit will do.



Proper Attire

Safety Precautions

Just like any other extreme sports, safety should come first. In this regard, it is essential that you know the tips and tricks on how to stay safe while engaging in this dauntless sport.


Don't Cliff Dive Alone

  • Don’t go cliff diving alone – When it comes to cliff diving, it is advisable that you have friends to go with you or a professional ad experienced cliff diver so that they can guide you properly.


Jump with Your Feet First

  • Jump with your feet first – It is normal to do an exhibition while doing cliff diving. However, do jump with your feet first since diving with your head first is extremely dangerous.


As they say, doing things that scare you will make you happier. What are you waiting for? Make your summer escapade more memorable by doing cliff diving now!