Camping vs. Glamping: The Pros and Cons

For those who love to go luxury camping here in the Philippines, then the idea of going out into the great outdoors with naught but a tent and some supplies may seem like something you’d never do anymore. And really, it’s not as popular as it once was.

Today most people opt for glamping instead as it bring more to the table experience-wise. Imagine being able to explore the world without having to leave the comforts of your own home. Not only that, but you can even completely immerse yourself into the culture of wherever you are staying!

So if you’re looking to try luxury camping here in the Philippines, then go ahead! Still not convinced? Then let us tell you the pros and cons between camping and glamping.

Read on to learn more:


Tents vs. Homes

Again. One of the biggest draws of glamping lies in where you’ll be staying. Campers are forced to stay in small, utility-oriented tents that serve as nothing more than a place to spend the night in. They’re not particularly comfortable – unless you take some pains in order to make it so – and they’re hardly the beds of comfort that you’re probably used to at home.

On the other hand, glampers don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable wherever they are. That’s because they have the option of living in anything from large tents, to teepees, and even to mobile homes. The possibilities are endless! Best of all, you don’t have to worry about supplies and equipment as glamping always comes with the base necessities.


Hygiene and you

One of the biggest drawbacks that come with traditional camping is that it’s hard to find a place to do anything related to hygiene. Even bathing is a challenge – trying to find a place where you can safely submerge your whole body in without worry of infection and disease is hard enough, but try that while also dealing with the lack of a place to “discharge”. Forget about things like soaps and tissues, too. If you didn’t pack them with you, that is.


Glampers, though, have the convenience of the modern bathroom with them. Just like home. Need we say more?


Dealing with the environment

The hardest thing about traditional camping is that you have to deal with the elements all on your own with nothing but a thin layer of reinforced material between you and it. Imagine trying to weather a strong rain, howling winds, or thunderous skies with only that to keep you safe – it hardly makes for a good experience.

Glamping, though, offers you better housing overall, making staying out less of a hassle and more of a hassle-free activity. Greet strong rains fearlessly and watch its water droplets cover your windows; listen to the howling winds without having to worry about getting swept away; and watch the thunderous skies in awe without feeling like it might strike you next.

Glamping offers an outdoor experience that both integrates you within the landscape while making you feel like you’re watching it from the safety of your own home. That’s what makes it so amazing. So, why not try it today?
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