Benefits of Mermaid Swimming

Ever since you have watched “The Little Mermaid” when you were a kid, becoming a mermaid has been one of your ultimate dream goals. Well, this is the perfect time to fulfill that goal! Mermaid swimming is offered in some resorts and beaches in the Philippines, such as in the Tablas Island Resorts, which will enable you to make your wildest fantasy come to reality—to become a mermaid.


Mermaid swimming is specially created for girls who want to experience becoming a mermaid. However, nowadays, mermaid swimming has become a profession for some. Professional mermaid swimmers are employed, mostly in theme parks, and they are placed in life-size aquariums as they entertain different guests in grand hotels across the Globe.


Though mermaid swimming is considered as a fun activity and a profession, did you know that this type of swimming is also treated as an ideal fitness exercise that everyone can do? Mermaid swimming provides various benefits to a person’s overall health. Here are a few of the advantages that you can acquire when mermaiding.


It manages your weight

Mermaiding is truly health beneficial since it makes core muscles stronger, it increases the level of your endurance, produces a higher flexibility in your shoulders, spine, and hips, and it decreases the chance of back pains. Moreover, when you do a good 30-minute mermaiding, it can burn around 367 calories in your body!


It lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Apart from the fact that mermaid swimming is a great exercise for everyone, it can also aid you to decrease your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In fact, swimming for 30 minutes or more at least thrice a week can reduce the bad cholesterols in your body while intensifying your good cholesterols.


It is good for your heart

If you want to improve the endurance of your heart and lungs through exercise, swimming is the perfect option for you. By doing this type of exercise, it will greatly help your circulatory system to take the blood in your heart while improving your cardiovascular fitness.


It improves your mood

Given that the ordinary swimming can lessen your anger, confusion, depression, and tension, what more a mermaid swimming can do? Mermaid swimming can help you have a better self-esteem and a happier soul, too. Additionally, knowing that you have the swimming skills and the colorful tail of a true mermaid is enough reason to be in an ecstatic mood.


You will acquire a new activity

Involving in activity, such as mermaid swimming can make you happier and less cranky since you have something to look forward to every day or every weekend. Additionally, mermaiding can help you learn new skills while gaining more friends in the long run.


You will achieve your ultimate dream of becoming a mermaid!

Engaging in mermaiding will help you achieve your dreams—finally becoming a mermaid!


Given these benefits, mermaid swimming is not just a fun activity but also a helpful fitness routine, too. It’s like doing two things at a time—living the dream of being a mermaid while staying fit and healthy.