Beach Bum 101: What To Do on Your First Beach Trip

Trips to the beach can be extremely fun and exciting, especially when it is your first time to go to the famous and picturesque beaches in the country, such as the Tablas Island Resorts. However, an unplanned trip may turn your sand and surf adventure into a disaster.


Preparing for a beach trip requires a lot of time—from arranging the itinerary, confirming your hotel accommodation and airfare bookings, and to packing your luggage. It may be a quite daunting task, however, if you do an advanced planning, you will achieve the best beach trip possible. Here’s what to do before your first beach trip.


Create a List

Making a list for all of your needs before the trip may sound cliché, but, this is the first thing you should do to avoid stressful beach trip.  Create a separate list for the things you should do and prepare before the trip, your necessities, and your itinerary during the trip. This will help you monitor your stuff and maximize your tour that will surely lead to a stress-free vacation.


Don’t Forget Your First Aid Kit

You can always encounter emergencies—even on vacations. Bringing a lightweight medicine box for an unexpected headache, fever, upset stomach, and allergies is a must have during your trip. Remember that by carrying such medicines on your vacation, you will achieve a sickness-free trip.


Reduce Your Liquids

When going for an airplane ride, make sure that you limit the number of liquids in your hand carry bag. Liquids must not be more than 100 mL per item and it should be placed in a resealable transparent bag. However, if you need to carry liquids that are more than 100 mL, it is best that you put it into your checked-in suitcase.


Never Underestimate the Power of Bag Tags

Bag tags are a helpful item that you should have, especially if you opt to travel by air. Suitcases with bag tags are easier to locate if in case the airline loses your luggage by accident.


Luggage Limitations: They Mean It

Make sure to weigh your bags before getting to the airport to avoid unnecessary blocks in the check-in counter. Excess baggage can also mean extra payment at the airport, or worse, you can finally say goodbye to your beloved clothes. Luggage limitations are there for a reason, so it is best that you only pack what is necessary, which leads to…


Pack Light

When packing for a trip, it is best that you pack versatile clothes, such as cute t-shirts, tank tops, overall shorts, swim wears, and a pair of footwear. Skip those eccentric pieces you have! Make sure that these clothes can be paired with other clothes that you will bring. By packing light, you are avoiding the possibility of extra baggage fees in the airport and you can always squeeze those pasalubongs in your luggage!


Careful planning and organizing your first beach trip can be tiring. It can take you days or weeks to complete your checklist. This is why it is advisable to prepare early so you can go on your beach trip prepared and to avoid the hassle. Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy. After all, it is a vacation. Release your inner child and have fun under the sun!