6 Ways to Stay Glam While Glamping

In the Philippines, glamping is the go-to activity when you want to experience the great outdoors on a whole ‘nother level. It is very similar to camping, except you don’t have to deal with the hassles of setting up your own tent and foregoing a proper toilet for days. Basically, it’s like camping, but better!

When you go glamping, you can truly bask in nature’s beauty without worrying about your poor accommodations at the end of the day or what you will be having for dinner. Instead, you can relax and lounge in the beach or explore the forest surrounding your glamping site. Prepare in advance because in the next several days, you will be living a modest life as you try to be one with nature. In the process, you’ll have to give up some things like watching television and dining in your favorite restaurant. However, there are some things that you don’t have to give up, like looking glam.

It’s true that you’ll probably spend most of your time there hiking and swimming. However, this does not mean that you have to look haggard while doing these activities. As a matter of fact, it is possible to look your best despite the rigorous activities you participate in. All you have to do is follow these tips:

Hydrate Your Skin

Venturing out into the wilderness will surely expose your skin to the harmful rays of the sun. To keep your skin safe, make sure to bring sunscreen, sunblock, and moisturizer. Check if these products offer enough protection to avoid developing sun-related skin allergies and diseases while you’re out having fun.

Wear Light Clothing

Skip bringing and wearing elaborate clothing during your vacation! These kinds of getup will just make you sweaty and uncomfortable, especially while engaging in outdoor activities that you and your friends may participate in. Instead, choose light clothes which will make you feel comfortable during the whole trip such as tank tops, shirts, overall shorts, and pants. Doing this will make your journey into the woods comfier and more enjoyable.

Bring the Right Kind of Shoes

Shoes are one of the essential things to carry, most especially if you will be spending so much time outdoors. Refrain from bringing new shoes and high-heels because they will most likely be damaged and ruined. It can also make you uncomfortable since you’ll often have to traverse uneven grounds. Instead, bring sandals, flip flops, and sneakers to ensure you’ll have happy feet during your adventures.

Light Makeup is the Way to Go

Although you will be spending so much time exploring the flora surrounding your glamping site, it won’t hurt to pack some cosmetics. You don’t have to bring all of your paraphernalia – just pack a small makeup bag with your tinted moisturizer, BB Balm, waterproof mascara, and tinted lip gloss. All of these products are enough to keep you looking stunning during your glamping trip. Remember that simplicity is beauty, so keep your makeup as simple and light as possible.

Smell Good

Venturing into nature can make you sweat profusely. Adding unscented deodorants and soaps will help you smell good even after trekking all day. You can also spray some sweet-smelling bug repellent to avoid mosquito bites and, at the same time, smell fresh throughout the day.

Wear Buns or Lay Down Those Curls

This is the perfect time to sport your messy buns and your forever messy curly hair! Ditch those hair irons and instead, wear your hair in a bun as you readily explore the forests surrounding your glamping site. Or if you want, you can let your curls hang loose as you lazily lounge by the beach. Either way, you’ll look cute and effortlessly beautiful.

Who says that you have to sacrifice beauty and style when glamping? With the help of these tips, you’ll look your best even when engaging in numerous outdoor activities!