6 Tips on How to Camp Under the Rain

Luxury camping in the Philippines is getting hugely popular because people seem to adore the idea of being with nature without leaving the comfort that they enjoy in their daily lives. Luxury camping or glamping refers to the kind of camping that lets you enjoy staying in a nice hotel room for a vacation—without you being surrounded by four solid walls, of course.


However, you have to keep in mind that this kind of getaway is just like any other type of outdoor activity. It can be out of your control, especially if the sunny weather suddenly turned gloomy. But do not fret because you can still make your rainy camping trip worthwhile. Just follow these tips:


Survey your camping ground

The first thing you must do once you conclude that it will rain is to find a safe ground, where you can set up your tent. Be mindful of areas that are easily flooded, such as depressions, soft grounds, and slopes. If you are unsure how to determine these areas, you can ask people around to help you out.

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Choose the right tent

Choosing the right tent should be one of your top priorities before you head out to your camping ground. Don’t settle for a flimsy one that will immediately break after using it once. Instead, invest in a sturdy tent that you can take in every camping trip you plan. Determine which one is worth your bucks with the help of this quick checklist:

  • It should have a full fly sheet and a sufficient overhang to prevent mud splashing.
  • The entrance should have a “bathtub floor” so that it won’t let water in.
  • Its label should read as waterproof.


Learn how to properly pitch your tent

The next thing you need to do is to learn how to pitch your tent properly. Don’t be afraid to ask your salesperson how to do it. For sure, they will be happy to help you out particularly if this is your first time buying one. Don’t hesitate to practice at home so you get it right on the camping grounds. If you are still having a hard time after a few tries, check out some tips and tricks available online.


Use tarpaulin as additional cover and doormat

The sound of the rain can really be soothing, but not when it starts pounding on your tent. You can prevent this by setting up tarpaulin above it as an additional cover.  Tie its edges around poles, trees, or anything tall around your grounds. Set it up in a way that water will flow away from your shelter.

Tarpaulin can also be used as a doormat. Deposit all your wet and muddy items, such as jackets, sandals, shoes, and wet boots atop it so you can avoid having them inside your tent.


Have adequate ventilation

Adequate ventilation is also a significant factor to consider when camping. You would not want your things to become wet because of the condensation inside your tent. Open up its peak vents so you can stop it from happening.

different camping gears

Pack the right gear

It is important to have the right tent for camping trips, but it should not be everything. After all, you are not planning to stay inside your tent for the entirety of your trip. Make sure you also pack other important items, such as waterproof bag, flip flops, raincoats, hiking boots, umbrellas, and towels to be completely prepared.


The key to camping under the rain is to be well-equipped. Don’t let the rain ruin your trip. Just follow these tips and you are good to go!