5 Tips for Taking Underwater Pictures

Selfies, Instagram, and Snapchat have become a large part of people’s everyday lives, thanks to the rise of smartphone’s photography features. Undeniably, everybody loves taking pictures and sharing them on social media to show off their “photography skills.”


Imagine if you’re in a resort in Tablas Island. In this kind of setting, you will surely find the perfect perspective for your underwater photography. Photography is definitely fun, however, there is something more special when it comes to underwater photography. This type of photography may look difficult and technical, but, anyone can do it even you. Refer to the tips below and start exploring underwater photography.

Where to Shoot?

You don’t have to rent a boat and go in the middle of the ocean just to take breathtaking underwater shots. You can also achieve a picture perfect underwater shot even in the comfort of a nice and steady swimming pool. You can also take underwater shots on the shallow ends of the beach, deep enough to be submerged but not too deep that you can’t see the ocean floor anymore. Find an area that doesn’t have any strong currents or any forms of danger around, especially if you still a beginner.

When to Shoot?

Timing is essential in underwater photography. The fact that it is underwater means it would be difficult to bring any lighting equipment with you and if you can, it would definitely be expensive. Shooting in the morning or afternoon when the sun is at its peak would be the best time to explore underwater photography. It can also get quite complicated, especially for beginners, to find the perfect angles to catch natural lighting.

Be Creative

One of the best parts about underwater photography is that you feel as light as a feather, so get creative with it. You and your friends could try poses you’ve never tried before or you couldn’t do on dry land. This is the best opportunity to be as acrobatic as you can be, shower the photographer with grace and finesse. You can even take photos as they are diving into the water as this shot creates a more dynamic effect and stunning.

Don’t be Afraid to Use some Props

Creativity does not only come from the way you choose the angle of your shots but with the props that you can use as well. Using clothes, linen, and other materials can be difficult but if you are able to apply it correctly you could end up with the most unique and bizarre works of art you have ever seen. You never know what an old blanket or dress could look like in underwater.


Be Simple and Let the Water Dictate

First of all, you do not need an expensive camera that has special functionalities to get a good shot of the underwater. If you can find a GoPro with the right casing, you are good to go. Do not go over the top and splurge in buying all those underwater accessories. Second, do not overthink when taking the shot. Sometimes, the best shots come naturally. Just be ready to point and shoot and let the moment arrange itself.


With these simple tips, anyone can achieve a picture perfect shot of their local beach or swimming pool. Start capturing your superb shots by experimenting with different lighting and perspectives. You’ll soon see yourself adapt until taking underwater photos is as easy as taking a selfie.