5 Things to Bring on a Stargazing Trip

There will always be a moment in every year when an event occurs that will make people look up in the sky, such as when a specific planet becomes visible or when a meteor shower occurs.  However, even without such events, some people love to look at the sky and feast their eyes with the mesmerizing lights from the night sky. In fact, some people even invest and spend long weekends in island resorts in Tablas, Bohol or Palawan to get away from the city and have a clearer view of those skies. Since moving away from the city seems the ideal option, now you just need to know what you have to bring on that trip.


Red Flash Light

You will be in a complete darkness once you go on a stargazing trip. With this, you will need a source of light to be able to walk around properly. Phone and flashlight are not the ideal options for this since a regular light will affect your eyes and can cause your vision of the night sky to blur. Instead, opt for a red colored light. This kind of light does not have this effect to your eyes. On the other hand, you can wrap red cellophane on a regular flashlight and you’re good to go.


Map of the Stars

Maps are a handy tool, whether you’re finding the best route to your next destination or you’re looking for a constellation. A map can really help you find the different stars and constellations you’re looking for. Moreover, these maps are readily available whether you buy a printed one in the local bookstore or download it from your mobile’s app.


A Blanket or Jacket

Stargazing is best done on those cold summer nights where there are no clouds to block your view. Make sure to bring a blanket or jacket to be equipped when cold winds blow.  You don’t have to freeze your toes off to enjoy the starlit night sky as long as you remember to put on your coziest blanket or jacket.



Yes, enjoying the bigger picture with your naked eye is definitely a beautiful experience. But once you become a more experienced star gazer, you will become captivated by the stars and want to find different constellations, the notable stars, and even the planets. Binoculars will help you get a more magnified view of such sceneries. It is more practical than opting for a telescope and easier to bring around, too.


Loved Ones

Stargazing is an adventure that is best shared with your loved ones. Invite your family, friends, and even your special someone to experience it with you. Share the excitement as you explore the humble galaxy together. Share laughs and stories under the sky and make your stargazing trip a memorable one.


There is something about the night sky that entices a crowd of people to look up and witness it. And there’s more to the night sky than a bunch of twinkling lights. Now that you know what you have to bring, you can go find out for yourself what makes the stars such a mystifying sight to behold.