5 Health Benefits of Going to the Beach

Imagine the sand between your toes, the sun tanning your skin, and the sound of the waves coming towards you: there is there no better place in the world but the beach. It’s one of the most popular places to visit in the Philippines because not only do we have an abundance of it, but also because there are lots of fun ways to spend your days there!

Activities ranging from sports such as volleyball or ultimate frisbee to relaxing activities such as tanning or swimming are available. Not to mention the fact that luxury camping here in the Philippines is steadily growing in popularity; those who love the outdoors truly should not miss out and try it today!

The benefits of spending your days in a beach don’t end there, either. A visit to the shores can also do wonders for your health; learn more about it below:

It develops your physical fitness

With the myriad of things to do in the beach, one of the most popular is, of course, swimming. It’s a great workout that’s capable of using your entire body without placing too much pressure on your joints.

Another exercise you can do on the beach is walking or jogging; the wide spaces offered by the sands and the relaxing feeling of the waves hitting your feet really sets the mood for a great workout. The beach’s fresh air and the shifting sands on your feet also add to the experience.

But for those who want more of a challenge, why not try a run in waist-deep water? It’s more difficult but it’s also more rewarding!

woman in the beach

It rejuvenates your skin

Everything you do on the beach will have some effect on your skin’s health. For example, when you swim, the beach’s natural salt water will detoxify your skin, clearing it of any blemishes or marks. On the other hand, when you sit on the sand, the coarse yet loose surface will scrub your skin free from dead cells. And, by simply breathing, you’re introducing fresh air into your lungs – which is always something welcome for one’s health.

The water can heal

Salt water has natural curative properties that help in cleaning cuts and sores, as the water is antibacterial and will thus keep whatever lacerations you may have clean. The water also contains certain minerals such as potassium and magnesium that will keep the cuts and sores from being infected. Swimming in the water can also ease you of a stuffy nose, as the salt water moistens the nostrils clearing up your sinuses.

It improves your immune System

Aside from being antibacterial, seawater is also known for containing Iodine, a natural booster for the immune system. It has the benefits of keeping you from disease, balancing your hormones, and contributing to your body’s Vitamin D content. Vitamin D, in turn, is great for maintaining your cardiovascular health.

woman in beach

Mood Booster

As previously mentioned, there are few places in the world as tranquil as the beachside. The feeling of the shifting sands below your feet, the sound of the crashing waves soothing your ears, and the sensation of the winds tickling yours skin can do a lot to bolster your mood. In addition, the wide, open space allows you to move around however way you want, adding to the lovely feeling of freedom.


For those who want a relaxing and soothing getaway, then consider the beach for your next destination. Try it out and reap its health benefits today!