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One of the best places to go snorkeling in Tablas is just 2 meters away from our white, sandy beaches. Explore all that the underwater world has to offer by consulting our detailed snorkeling guide and making use of our available diving equipment for rent.

Mermaid Swimming

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a mermaid? Well, it’s time to fulfill that dream. We do offer mermaid lessons by our mermaid instructor. 2 hours of Mermaid lessons, and photoshoot to follow. Though we do photoshoot for the ones who do not want to go through lessons and just want to have a memory of their dream. Becoming a MERMAID.

Those who have dreams of becoming a mermaid will be glad to know that they are now one step closer to turning that dream into a reality. We offer 2 hour mermaid swimming lessons, which comes with photo shoot after.

Hike to 360 Hill

The 360 Hill offers a view of the beach passing by coconut plantations which is the source of income on a day to day basis of villagers. Our dear guide will take you to a view of the beauty of Tablas.

Motorbike Sight Seeing

To see more of St. Fe more sceneries St. Fe offers you can rent a bike and go around, passing through rice fields and coconut plantations. You will experience true Filipino culture and traditions. Also the most beautiful view of Tablas by passing by mountain roads. For more info please see the front desk.

Beach Games

Enjoy fun games on the beach such as Volleyball, Hoops, Table Tennis, Darts, Beerpong and more.

Free Diving

It takes 2 or 21/2 days to complete the Freediver Course which is divided into 2 academic lessons and 2 water sessions (minimum 2 hrs each). The classroom sessions are designed to provide you with general knowledge about freediving, different freediving disciplines, equipment used in freediving, equalization and freediving techniques and the most importantly to teach you our unique breathing and relaxation technique. During our water sessions we like to keep it in small groups; 1-3 students to 1 instructor is a typical ratio that ensure a high degree of personalised attention and tuition. The instructors will be with students at all times while underwater regardless of depth, thus increasing student confidence and safety.

Day One


Introduction to freediving and the different disciplines

Presentation of equipment

Equalisation techniques

Effective underwater entry techniques (duck dives)

Kicking technique

Breathing techniques

Hydration and diet

Water Session

Preparation of equipment

Practice of efficient breathing technique in the water

Practice of duck-dives and kicking technique

Buoyancy test

Freedives on the dive-line

Maximum depth of 12 metres

Day Two


Review of the freedives of Day 1

Fine-tuning the breathing technique

Safety regulations

Safety procedures in the water

Pranayamas – yogic breathing with application to freediving

Water Session

Preparation of equipment

Practice of new breathing technique

Buddy team dives

Safety procedures and practice

Maximum freedives on the dive-line of up to 20 metres

Photo session if you wish